Worshiping, Serving & Declaring the Savior!

Special Announcement:

     Hello church family! I am reaching out to you during this time to encourage you and to inform you of the steps the ministry of Calvary Baptist Church has been and will be going forward at this time. We realize that the church is not the building that I am standing in but the people of God that have trusted Jesus Christ by faith. You, each individual, are the church.
     Due to the recommendations of the leadership of our country and the wisdom given to us given by God, we will be postponing our regular meetings and activities for the next two weeks. I will, however, continue to preach the Word of God from our church to livestream the service. We have been working with this platform for some time and God has prepared us to be able to reach out to our church family by this wonderful means. We will have congregational singing. I will preach the Word of God just as you would be sitting in the pews. The opportunity to continue your tithes and offerings will still be available through our website www.cbcmorrow.org and by the church app as well. If you are unable to use these resources, we have made arrangements available with the deacons of the church to assist with any special accommodations needed at this time.
     We do not come by this decision lightly. Nor do we come to this decision by fear or defeat. We are the church of God and nothing can prevent the church of God from continuing forward for the glory of God. We come to this decision for the safety and well being of those in our congregation that could easily be affected by the ongoing battle with the coronavirus.


Welcome To Calvary Baptist Church!

Our prayer is that you will be blessed and strengthened by the power of Jesus, and that you will live a life of abundance in fellowship, joy and liberty. Calvary Baptist Church is here for you. It is not just a church; it is a fellowship of believers coming together Worshiping, Serving and Declaring the Savior!  We study the Word, practice what we learn, and in the process grow together. May God richly bless you!  We hope to see you soon!