Children ages 3-12 years, will have fun learning in small age appropriate groups about Bible characters and truths in God’s Word.  On Wednesdays, beginning at 6:30, Heaven’s Treasures meets for the opening ceremony in the Primary Sunday School room.   Then splitting off into small groups, we will play games, eat snacks & learn about God’s Word.
Christmas is just around the corner and the need for the true story of Christmas to be proclaimed is needed!  Christ is come that mankind might be redeemed and redemption begins with the birth of Jesus.  Please join us as we see the account of Jesus’ birth portrayed y our children’s ministry on Sunday, December 8th at 5:30 PM.  We know that you will enjoy the display of joy from these precious children as they present to you “Go & Tell”. 
December 8th @ 5:30 PM
Children’s Ministries Presents
Go & Tell