Pastor’s Corner

Is there not a cause? This is a question that David asked his brothers when he was bringing goods to them. They accused him of wanting to see the battle but he was sent for a purpose. I wonder what cause each of us has been sent to perform. We each have a duty before God to perform and it is imperative that we do just what we have been sent to do for God’s glory! We all know that David was sent to stand before the Philistines and slay to giant Goliath. What have we been sent to do for God? Are we to witness? Are we to be a prayer warrior? Are we to be a light to a lost and dying world? Are we to be salt? Each of these are commands of God that we are placed in the place we are and the time we are living. Many question why they are on earth, my answer is simple. We are to serve God with all our might! Are you serving Him today?