Pastor’s Corner

The human body is an amazing creation. God created this system to function as a unit. What we see is just the outer covering of skin, but the inside is what makes the body work. The organs, muscles and amazingly, the skeleton work together. God created the body so effectively that we pattern buildings after this masterpiece. Framing supports and other components are in the frame to use the functions of the building. All we see is a beautifully painted, carpeted, conditioned and lit room. When you peel away these components, the house, or the body, is not attractive. We cover some things that will never been seen on the outside. Jesus told the Pharisees that they were good on the outside, but the inside was the problem. Many people today can fool others with acting, talking, and walking like a Christian, but we cannot fool God! Make sure that Christianity is not just an outward facade for you. Make sure that you have on the inside what really matters, Jesus!