Pastor’s Corner

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I honestly am not the world’s greatest fisherman!  I thought fishing was easy.  Put a hook on the line and throw it in the water.  A fish swims by, jumps on the hook and gives it a tug to tell me to reel it in.  I was mistaken.  I recently went fishing with my boys where I began to cast, reel and repeat. The boys on the other hand, threw the line in, got bored and jumped in the water to play.  I caught a couple small fish and was proud of my success even telling the boys that they should have continued with me.  It was then we saw one of their poles swimming away.  When retrieved, it was a large bass on the end of the line dwarfing my catches.  The Lord brought to mind that it was not the passing lure that caught the attention of the fish.  It was the constant temptation that caught the fish.  Satan will place a temptation and let it sit and wait for you.  We need to guard ourselves of allowing temptation to stay in our lives.  One day, we will not be able to pass by with a glance but take the bait hook, line and sinker.  What may be in our life that we need to pass by and leave for good?  Remove these temptations from your daily walk before it’s too late!