Pastors Corner

It seems that our world advances toward more and more turmoil every day! You hear on the radio, television, internet that turmoil has taken over. This to me is another confirmation in my mind that God’s Word has been true and will continue to show what the world will come to! The great news for us as believers and followers of Jesus Christ is that we already know the end! We know who is victorious! We know that God will be victorious over the nations! We know that God will set up His kingdom and that we will be there! Turmoil has been a constant for ages! It will continue until Jesus comes to sit upon the throne that has been promised Him! Fret not at the happenings of this world! Look to the promise of the return of our King! Just as John says, “even so Lord come quickly!” I say, Amen! I am looking forward to that glorious return of the King of kings and Lord of lords!