Faithful Friday

There is much to be said about faithfulness.  Simply put, it is a steadfastness, stability, dependability and consistency.  We, as Christians, are called to be faithful in our service for the Lord.  In Nehemiah 7:2, men were placed in authority because of their faithfulness.  Nehemiah had confidence in Hanani and Hananiah that these men would perform their duties faithfully and stay the course no matter the circumstances.  Much turmoil had surrounded the building of the wall in Jerusalem and many adversaries worked tirelessly to see the demise of the wall and continued effort!  There was much more than just the construction of the wall.  Now there was a maintaining of what had been constructed that required the faithful to then take responsibility for and steadfast care.  Where do you fall in God’s list of faithful servants?  Can He depend on you and call you faithful?