Pastor’s Corner

Wednesday was a wonderful evening here at the Bible study and prayer meeting! We experienced the outpouring of the gracious love of Christ! That is the commandment that is given to each of us as Christians! We are to love and bare one another’s burdens. That is exactly what happened! Some made request and others made known the praises of God and there was an air of love for the brethren! It was a concern for the bettering of the people of God. Praise God that we were able to have this time in our church! This, I believe, is proof of a church praying for great and mighty things to happen! We must first see it in our homes and then it will spill over into our church and then our church can be effective in our community and surroundings for the glory of God! Continue to pray for these great and mighty things! There is no limit to what God can do if we submit to Him! I just say, “Praise God! For He is Good!!”