Pastor’s Corner

The season of graduation is upon us. This always opens the question of, “what is next?” Dreams and goals seem to be at your finger tips. A feeling of accomplishment overwhelms and we stand at the edge of life looking out wondering where to go. Some take this time to relax and enjoy themselves before the next step. That step may be a college, a technical college, stepping into the work force, military or a myriad of other choices. This exciting time is flooded with a multitude of questions and concerns. The first step is simple. Seek God. Seek godly counsel. The Bible tells us to “Seek ye first the kingdom of God”. Our prayer is that the local body of Christ will do just that. Our dreams and aspirations await us, but what does God have in store for you? This is not just a question to graduates but to each of us. The most important question any of us can ask is “What does God have in store for me next?” Seek God and His counsel and allow Him to direct our paths! You will not be disappointed!